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Here’s a terrifying statistic: 48% of all American households headed by someone over 55 years of age have no retirement savings whatsoever.

Another one: The average Social Security benefit this year is $1,543.

Do the math. If you have no savings and you’re an average earner, you’ll be living on…

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It’s not hard to figure out what’s going on here. Retirement experts need to please their editors and sell magazines, articles, and books. They need to cozy up to their advertisers so they can sell body lotion, cyber investments and ED treatments.

They can do that easily when they know…

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There I was, barreling down the titanic slope at breakneck speed, soaring off the long ski jump like a fearless Scandinavian. I landed, tipped over, and giggled with delight. It was my first attempt at skiing, at the tender age of seven.

My buddies and I took turns skiing down…

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December 31st, the day after stupid

I woke up early with a pounding headache and staggered to the bathroom to get a handful of ibuprofen pills. How many can I take safely? I’m not a doctor but I do sleep with one, and since she was still sawing logs, I took four — the most I…

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Dream: I wake up whenever I feel like it and walk to the beach for a swim in the silken waters of the bay. They say it’s the best exercise but I just like how it feels. Afterward, I stroll into town for a cappuccino and brunch. The service is…

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I’m a modestly successful writer on Medium. I publish about 6 articles a month and some are “Chosen for further distribution.” That further distribution seems to help, and for the last few months I’ve been getting 100 to 200 views a day, which translates into $100 to $250 a month…

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In 1960, aka the “good old days,” there were 13 TV channels. There was an on/off button, volume control, and a channel dial that made loud clicking noises. Today it takes three remotes, two dongles (what’s a dongle?), a dozen wires, and a Doctorate degree to operate one. …

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