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Friday, July 30th was my final day at work. It was somber and uncomfortable, with a few short meetings where everyone said unusually nice things about me. The sentiments were sincere, best I could tell, but unsettling to be sure.

There are few times in one’s life when they’re set…


At the ignorant and irresponsible age of 19, I roamed my way through Mexico with a small band of recalcitrants. For four months we studied the language and culture, explored beaches, stood atop pyramids, and got robbed. I remember it as one of the most exceptional times of my life…

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As I write this, I’m sitting on my deck overlooking the local marina and the San Juan Islands. The sun is painting a scarlet watercolor, an original that I’ve never seen before. I frantically capture it in all its glory, just like I did last night and the night before…

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Most of us think of retirement as the culmination of a long, hard career. It’s the final stage of our life where we get to relax and enjoy ourselves for a change. We deserve it, we’re owed it.

But where is it written that retirement is your birthright? Who owes…

“House-rich” may feel good, but be careful — it’s a complicated strategy

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*Editors note: The author of this story is Chip Stites (bio below) and is reprinted from the “Life After Work.Zone” with his permission.

When I first got my Certified Financial Planner’s® designation, there was a bit of controversy…

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Both the US Senate and House of Representatives have passed a budget resolution that provides a blueprint for a $3.5 trillion dollar spending bill. That’s the easy part. Now they’re drafting details that must gather enough votes to pass in both houses.

This bill targets healthcare, family services, employee savings…

Retirement is a mysterious place people go to when they get old. It’s a serious place, with finance and healthcare woes, aching muscles and creaking bones. …

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We’ll all retire one day, and it pays to be ready!

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I’d first like to thank…

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I was walking through the park the other day on my way home from the tailor. Proudly, I strutted with my chest out, wearing a brand-new suit and a pair of the finest shoes I’ve ever owned. Passers-by glanced at me with envy and I nodded in return, knowingly. …

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Have you ever played that guessing game, Two Truths and a Lie? It’s a lot of fun to play with people you’d like to get to know better — and I’d like us to get to know each other better. Here are my three claims, which one is the lie?

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