It’s so amazing you might consider moving now and working remotely.

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Retire early? Work from remote? Here’s how to choose and apply for the right visa.

Some are wacky, some aren’t, and you should definitely check out number 61!

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Download an editable copy of my plan — and make it your own

“Decompress. Relax. Settle in. Get some sleep. Do whatever I want. Take a Break. Reset my headspace. Not get up until noon. Nothing.”

“Start my business. BBQ road trip. RV trip to…

Answer: 760% more income! Here’s how I get 70% of my articles curated.

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A story of slide rules, heroes, and robots — and a future we need today

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Generation 1: Birth (age 0):

Retired at 50 — living in the now

A minute or two a day guarantees an outstanding retirement

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All your options — simplified and organized

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What is Medicare?

Saving isn’t good enough

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