Four COVID-19 Lessons from the Legal Prostitution and Pornography Industries

Pathogenic transmission is a daily threat, but they’ve found the secret.

Brenna Sparks, an adult film actress, recently shared two important lessons she’s learned from her job: “Get tested often and wear protection.”

As the world rushes headlong to reopen the economy under the menacing shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to look beyond our biases for important lessons from an unlikely source — the legal sex industry.

Safeguards of Legal Prostitution

“The world’s oldest profession” is the common description of the salacious commercial sex business. In the U.S. it’s largely hidden underground except for a few counties in Nevada. There, 21 brothels employ around 200 licensed prostitutes who entertain the fantasies and desires of hundreds of thousands of mostly male customers each year.

The pornography industry

The porn industry on the other hand, is no paragon of health. In fact, it has experienced multiple HIV outbreaks, requiring filming to completely shut down and quarantine all mainstream performers until the entire community was cleared. Further, the prevalence of viral and bacterial infections in the adult film acting community is reported to be 3 to 13 times higher than the general population.

The solution to COVID-19

Experts tell us that one day we’ll have an effective and widely available vaccine. Let’s hope it’s soon. Until that time (many would argue even after that), we need to find and follow proven practices that keep our risk of infection, transmission, and death to a minimum.

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