Two Truths and a Lie — Revealing The Answer

Brian Feutz
3 min readAug 11, 2022

Announcing the winners of the Two Truths and a Lie contest I published a week ago.

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IMPORTANT: Don’t read this article until you’ve read the initial challenge:

This viral challenge bouncing around the Mediumverse is to write an article about yourself that includes two truthful vignettes and one clever lie disguised as the truth. Then readers are challenged to decide which is the lie and share their deductions in the comments.

It’s just a game. Nobody wins a prize and at best the writer earns a few nickles from the article. I’ve netted $2.17 so far. Woohoo.

But it’s a hoot! Give it a try, you’ll enjoy it.

And now the results

First I’d like to thank Rodrigo S-C, Harold Stansell, Topher Freeman, Cat Strav, Nancy Blackman, and Maria Rattray. You guys are all great, and I appreciate your comments and the detailed deductive reasoning you shared.

Two of you were right: Harold and Maria.

For the rest of you, thanks for playing and I’m sorry you didn’t win. And I’m also sorry to tell you there are no participation prizes coming in the mail (even the winners don’t get prizes).

#1 The crash

— — — -This was the lie — — —

I’ve never been in a car accident and in fact, have never broken a bone in my life.

Harold said “It doesn’t seem plausible with a foggy head,” and clearly he’s right. I may have delved too deeply into the dramatic narrative, so thanks, Harold — I appreciate the reminder on how subtlety makes for better drama.

Maria felt the topic was the easiest one to write about and she’s right. Making stuff up is easier than the truth.

#2 The failure

I did fail at one of my small business attempts but I’m touched that three of you felt that I lied about that. I’m going to assume you thought I didn’t fail at all…

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